About me:


Alright so hi! My name is Clarissa Garcia, you probably know that by now! or maybe my last name changed? who knows!

I’m currently 19.I’m pretty awkward and shy. My friends would say that I’m extremely nice and funny and loyal. I’m extremely trustworthy and they know they can come to me for anything<3

Going into my sophomore year of college in a couple months! I’m at Arizona Western College right now but hopefully I’ll go to Arizona State University within a year! My current major that I’m aiming for is Psychology! Hopefully I don’t switch it because it’s something I’m really interested. I don’t currently have a job because I’m a full time student, I honestly wish I did have a job though because having my own money would be nice.. I’ll probably start applying for jobs soon! 

I’m obsessed with France and the Eiffel Tower! I’m trying to learn how to speak French! but its a lot harder than it seems! I took it in high school for 2 years and it helped! I can read it pretty well most of the time but actually speaking it is no bueno. Hopefully I can speak it by the time I have you!! And hopefully I’ve been to France by that time too! I’ll let you know! 

I like reading. I like pizza. I like chocolate. I like food. I like movies. I like this boyband named One Direction! If you’re a girl then you’ll understand ;) if you’re a boy…you’ll probably think that they’re dumb,

I listen to more rockish bands for the most part though

  • Mayday Parade
  • Sleeping With Sirens
  • A Day to Remember
  • Pierce the Veil

And I also listen to the current pop and hip hop music

Soooo my music taste is EVERYWHERE but hopefully I get to show it to you someday!

I currently have a boyfriend, Austin William Vargas! I don’t know if he’s your dad obviously. I hope so. I really do. (this might come back to bite me in the butt!) He’s pretty amazing though, he’s been my bestfriend for 3 and a half years now and we’ve been dating for almost 7 months soo this is my longest relationship so far! :o 

He makes me extremely happy and theres hardly a time when we’re not laughing.He makes me feel special :). But I’ll tell you more about him later!

I have a pain in the butt brother, Your uncle Alex! He annoys the hell out of me but at the end of the day we help eachother out and love eachother. MOSTLY. I’m not going to lie to you and say we get along ALL the time because we don’t! haha

I don’t really know what else to tell you about myself.. Eh. You’ll figure it out soon enough. kbye for now!



Alright kid(s) , 

So its currently July 4th, 2014! I don’t exactly know when you’ll be reading this but hopefully its a while from now! I’m only 19 right now so I don’t need to be having children at this age! 

So here’s the deal with this page. Its going to have a bunch of advice and things about my life that I felt like I should share with you. Now I know I could just tell you these things buuuut I figured why not write them as I go, as I experience them, and you can see how my mindset was at this point. Confused? Just ask me! I’m sure I’ve gotten smarter and will be able to word it better by the time you read this.. hopefully! Alrighty then, lets get this started :)

I don’t know you or you guys yet but I’m sure I’ll always love you<3 I already do and I haven’t even met you!